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The 7-T SUCCESS SYSTEM has been used by organizational leaders at all levels, from supervisor to CEOs to build and drive winning teams.

Whether you’re looking for leadership guidance and inspiration for yourself or for others within your organization, the 7-T SUCCESS SYSTEM is a great resource for new and veteran leaders.

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"Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile." — Vince Lombardi

A proven game plan for organizational improvement designed for all business leaders, from supervisors to CEOs.

At the heart of every successful organization are effective leaders. Whether the organization is a Fortune 500 company or a garage-based startup, success or failure starts and ends with leadership. You may be wondering how you can ensure you’re an effective leader, capable of handling your current responsibilities, or the ones you hope to have. This is the right place to start. Leaders who learned and adopted the practices I’ll share in this book have impressive track records making meaningful contributions to their organizations and continuing rise into higher leadership roles or maintain their position at the top through market and structural changes.

Order your copy of the 7-T SUCCESS SYSTEM™ today!
Casey Kostecka
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About Casey Kostecka

Casey Kostecka is an award-winning thought leader and expert in sales, customer experience management and contact center operations within BPO/outsourcing, healthcare, travel/hospitality, and government arenas. His proven track record in leading $500M+ organizations to record-breaking growth and profitability makes him a sought-after speaker and consultant. Casey’s extensive experience with process engineering, leadership cultivation, and team and customer engagement led him to develop unique, highly effective tools. The ACUITY Performance Management System, proprietary gamification applications and the 7-T Success System are all employed by Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States.


Jay Graham

“Casey has taken his 30+ years of ‘in the trenches’ and ‘C Level’ experiences to develop the 7-T Success System. This book is a must read for all levels of leaders interested in building winning teams.” — Jay Graham, SVP, McGraw Hill

Rich Rosenthal

“Casey Kostecka’s 7-T Success System is a Must Read for visionary leaders ...and especially critical for those who are not.” — Rich Rosenthal, VP, IS & GS, Civil Programs, Lockheed Martin

Greg Salvato

“Most of our learnings come from modeling other people or their techniques. Casey’s 7-T Success System provides an excellent model to build winning, results-oriented teams. Great concepts coupled with relatable experiences makes it simple for the reader to apply the system to their organization. Interesting, quick and insightful read!” — Greg Salvato, CEO, TouchPoint One

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Order your copy of the 7-T SUCCESS SYSTEM today!

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